Optimising Fleet Performance and Reducing Costs

MaxAssist is your number one fleet management solution. The aim is to assess and reduce the cost of running your fleet. With DVLA integrations and proactive notifications, MaxAssist will look after your fleet whilst you look after the main core of your business. Putting your trust within MaxAssist is an easy decision to make.

MaxAssist excels at addressing your vehicle's maintenance and repair requirements, offering comprehensive solutions. Our expertise extends to servicing both Vans and Trucks, with a specialization in diagnosing challenging and elusive issues. Our primary focus is on minimizing downtime, ensuring efficient fleet management, and overseeing your drivers through a centralized portal. We are dedicated to delivering peace of mind and convenience throughout the entire process. MaxAssist offers you a detailed, at-a-glance information system that empowers you to efficiently manage your business from start to finish.

Fleet Management

  • Fleet Management incl. Maintenance & Repair
  • Driver Management incl. License Checks
  • Mobile Workforce Management


  • EV Trained Specialists
  • ICE Specialists
  • Fully Qualified Technicians incl. Mercedes-Benz, Maxus & DFSK

Data & Analysis

  • Data Analytics
  • Reporting Suite
  • Fleet Performance Analysis & Optimisation

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